Today the world needs an Africa that is conscious of its own past and able to keep on reinvesting this pastinto its present and future.

We founded IAM with a strong belief that Africa has a lot to offer to the world.
More than 20 years later, the belief is stronger and has thrived into a Business  School with African rootedness and a global outlook.
Since its inception in 1996, IAM has been aimed at young people questioning and impacting the world around them; People who are ready to apply their academic training in management or engineering imbued with African values  and social responsibility.

Therefore, students are encouraged to act and drive  social change,   engaging in   charity   work, an active student union life and an annual 10 day Green Camp. The latter, for example, is 100% organized by  IAM students, mobilizing more than 1500 students from all IAM regional branches deep into Senegal’s countryside. While assisting rural communities  and re-appropriating African values, they reconnect to themselves and the human dimension of their managerial  tasks.    This   telling example  of  applied   responsible leadership is one of the pillars of IAM’s identity and has been up running since 1999.

My commitment to extend this community of global leaders is irrevocable. With  three regional branches and over 20,000  alumni IAM continues to reach out  with the ambition to become the leading business school group in Central and   West Africa.

If you are craving impactful changes in the world like we do, I welcome you to  join the IAM Community.
Moustapha M. GUIRASSY, Founding president of IAM