Global Bachelor of Business Administration(GBBA)

What is the GBBA

The Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) is a Bachelor’s degree in International Business entirely taught in English. It seeks to train “global leaders” who comprehend the economic, political, environmental, cultural, and socio-economic contexts of global and African businesses. The GBBA provides students with a solid foundation in international business administration with the knowledge, managerial skills, and international experience necessary to compete globally.

GBBA students are required to complete an international experience in order to graduate.


The objective of the GBBA program consist of training “global leaders” who will be able to:

- Provide a sense of direction, communicate vision, promote change and inspire employees.

- Demonstrate knowledge of global management processes and ability to assess industry attractiveness and competitiveness

- Master two international business languages

- Apply practical management tools to guide international organizations

- Comprehend international interactions thanks to the skills obtained through teachings, travels and various other career building activities

- Apply for post-graduate programs in management in any other reputable institution 
of higher education.

GBBA career prospects: 

- Product manager
- HR manager
- Junior consultant
- Operations manager
- International negotiator
- Business developer
- Junior analyst
- Sales executive
- Accountant
- Marketing manager
- Advertising and pr

Study Abroad

GBBA students are required to study abroad for at least one month (short term study abroad). They may participate in internship programs or workshops, and business lectures in English delivered by professors from the host country in a classroom setting. 
Travel Costs vary depending on the program destination.

The following fees are not included in the tuition fees:

- Round Trip Airfare to program destination
- Passport, student visa and associated costs
- Accommodation, food, transportation and activities not included in program fee
- Books and class materials
- Personal expenses: entertainment, travel not related to the program, etc.

GBBA Course description

Management Fundamentals
Mathematics and Economics
Personal and Professional development
Languages and Communication
Career Development
Strategy and Operations
Decision Support Tools
Sociocultural Dimension
Corporate Finance and Taxation
Marketing and Decision Making
Advanced Finance
International Dimension
Entrepreneurship and Business Process
International Business Environment
International Standards
Corporate Practices

Optional French classes (a 90-hour evening and weekend intensive French course is offered to non-francophone)

GBBA Admission

We admit candidates holding the equivalent of a BAccalaureate (high-school diploma, A-Level…) and an A1 English Level.