The Global Bachelor in Business Administration is a Bachelor degree in International Business Management entirely taught in English. It seeks to train global leaders who comprehend the economic, political, environmental, cultural and socio-economic contexts of global and African businesses. The GBBA provides students with a solid foundation in international business administration with the knowledge, managerial skills, and international experience necessary to compete globally.

Training global leaders who will be able to:
• Provide a sense of direction, communicate vision, promote
change and inspire employees.
• Demonstrate knowledge of global management processes and
ability to assess industry attractiveness and competitiveness.
• Master two international business languages.
• Apply practical management tools to guide international
• Comprehend international interactions thanks to the skills
obtained through teachings, travels and various other career
building activities.
• Apply for post-graduate programs in management in any other
reputable institution of higher education.

You have ahead of you a most important choice. What study
path should you choose to prepare your professional life and to
contribute to the development of your country? You know that
you will have a long career, you know that Africa holds great
promises, you know that the world is changing fast and new
talents with new ideas and new ways of doing things are needed.
The Global BBA of IAM is well suited to help you to meet these
challenges. IAM’s pedagogy is at the same time well rooted in
African values and widely open onto the world. This program will
help you become a well-trained and efficient African leader with
a global outlook. Don’t miss that opportunity!

  • Product Manager
  • HR manager
  • Junior Consultant
  • Operations manager
  • International negotiator
  • Business Developer
  • Junior Analyst
  • Sales Executive
  • Accountant
  • Marketing manager
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Entrepreneur

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